6 Ways To Add Ceramic To Your Home Interior

If you’re thinking of a way to add color and style to your home, then you should try out ceramics. You can use ceramics as part of your home decor in so many ways. Also, there’s no limit to your creativity especially if you don’t have little kids playing around in the house. If you're considering adding a touch of ceramic décor to your home, we’ve come up with six interesting ideas you can start working on.


Vases always come out beautiful just on their own and having them in your home will also give a very beautiful effect. You can always add some extra nice flowers to it to make it more attractive. The vase usually hides the stems so you can admire the lovely colors of the petals. Vases come in different shapes and sizes. You can find them around or rectangular either way they serve well for your bouquet of flowers.


Another way to appreciate this beautiful clay is to create unique lighting for your home. You can use ceramic pendant lights to add color and brighten your home decor. There a number of ceramic lightings like the bell pendant lights and box pendant lights

You have to have them so why not use ceramic ones to change it up a little and create a unique lighting display in your home.


When holding your tea mug, it can be quite hot to hold especially if you just poured a hot cup of coffee or tea in it. The curved glossy handle on your ceramic mug not only makes them look perfect but also makes it easy for you to enjoy your cup of tea without dropping the mug. If you’re wondering how this adds to your interior, then close your eyes and imagine the different colors and shapes of mug among your dining set. It would make you want to keep drinking coffee every chance you get.


You can have a wide range of dishes in your home. They come in different shapes and sizes which can be very appealing. They give your kitchen and dining a very modern and attractive look. If you want to create a classy look, there are antique design plates you can use to create this effect for your home. If you’re tired of the plain white dishes, you can always mix your colors to create a unique and entertaining look during your meal time.


If you are a sucker for growing plants in your home then you can add some unique touch with a ceramic plant pot. Unlike using other types of planters, ceramic gives your home a lot of style and color. It adds to the natural beauty offered by the plants and makes your home look more modern. You have many options to choose from when using ceramic planters. There are the ceramic planters that come with wooden stands creating a very artistic look and if you want the gloss finish ceramic planters that give your home a very unique look.

Decor, Accents, and Extras

Other ceramic decor ideas that you may also be familiar with are candle holders and also clocks. When you light up your scented candles on your ceramic candle stands, you not only appreciate the fragrance you get but also get the added beauty to your home. You can also get ceramic clocks to add to your interior. The best part about these clocks is they come in different colors so you can choose to match your home interior. Other ceramic extras for your home are artist carvings like animals, small dolls and other decorative items that you can also use for decorating.