The Lyon Ware Museum has one of the largest collections of ceramic wares in the country. Our ceramic gallery is unrivalled and meets up to world standards. We have antique collections that have stood the test of time along with modern day ceramic art collections.

Our ceramic collections are very strong and are a combination of both local and international talent. Apart from our European porcelain, we have ceramic wares from different countries across the world including China, Japan, and the Middle East. At the Lyon ware museum, arts meet history. We have stunning ceramic wares garnished with ancient history attached to them.

When you visit our Museum, you will be captivated by the wide range of ceramic wares that adorn the place. We have various styles and designs of cups, jugs, bowls and other ceramic collections to treat your eyes to artistic ectasy. Our collections are updated on a regular basis to keep our customers intrigued by the wide range of designs in store. There’s always something new to discover at our Museum.

Our customers can have a tour around the museum to check out lovely pieces. They can also place orders on the finished products on display if available. They have a variety of options to choose from our classic designs to our more vibrant and modern collections.

If you haven’t been to the Lyon Ware museum, you should pay a visit today. We will give you a very interesting and captivating tour around the place. You can choose from our brightly colored vases and decorative ceramic wares to add beauty to your interior.

There is no doubt you will be inspired by our craftsmanship and originality. Every item at the museum is unique and designed by the best talents in the industry. Our collections are not just from the local community but we also have top quality ceramic wares from all around the world. Just the best your eyes deserve!

We get donations regularly. We got a recent donation from our biggest supporter 888 Casino. The online casino donated a collection of 80 years old Israeli ceramic vases. Pay us a visit and witness this incredible collection.